Weekly Show

No Depression – No More (Weekly Show 3/3/08)

For the full playlist from this weeks show click HERE.

The key element to this weeks show is the news about the pending demise of the No Depression Magazine (follow link to the website for a full transcript from the magazines editors). The main reasons for the demise are stated as falling revenue from advertising & the rising cost of printing. I can also see other factors such as the increased use of the Internet & the use of myspace & youtube by record companies & music fans alike to get the message out there. A bi-monthly magazine such as No Depression is out of date as soon as it hits the stands. They say they will continue on line but we sure will miss the great articles (something the Internet is not good at) & informed reviews.

Anyway this week I paid tribute to the magazine with a few choice cuts from artists most associated with the magazine. When the last one comes out in May, I’ll probably devote a whole show!

Here is an Uncle Tupelo clip of the song that started it all


This weeks show also featured three songs from ex-Jayhawks members who all have solo albums out. Tim O’reagan & Mark Olson put theirs out last year & Gary Louris’s Vagabonds is just out now.

Vagabonds was co-produced by Black Crows front man Chris Robinson. He also worked with Louris on the forthcoming reunion album with Mark Olson called ” Ready fro the Flood”. It was actually recorded before Vagabonds but it’s release has been held over while the focus it on the solo albums. Ready for the Flood is due in mid 2008.

Here is Gary Louris singing “True Blue” from the new album.


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