New Favourites

Frank Smith – Heavy Handed Peace & Love

My New Favourite Band – Frank Smith

I’ve recently fluked upon this band by accident while browsing around here & there on the net. Didn’t know much about them except that they are now signed to Juliana Hatfield’s label Ye Olde Records & have a new CD called Heavy Handed Peace & Love. They are also her backing band on the latest from Juliana called Sittin in a tree. For a reference think Drive By Truckers, Uncle Tupelo or early My Morning Jacket.

The Ye Olde Records website has the following about the band.

Frank Smith is a band, not a man. Formed in Boston and recently relocated to frontman Aaron Sinclair’s home state of Texas, the band has a sound as vast as America. Like the country they come from, Frank Smith reconcile countless would-be opposites, as songs from the back porch are driven straight into the noise of the city, simple folk tunes are given the most intricately complex arrangements, and the freedom of the music is constantly pulled back by the authority of the beat. “Heavy Handed Peace And Love” is the band’s first release since moving from Boston to Austin, and their first release on Ye Olde Records.



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