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Jon Langford Tours Australia

Best known as the front man for the Mekons, Jon Langford was one of the most resilient pop-punk bandleaders to emerge from Britain in the 1970s. Now a resident in Chicago, Langford has since become a leading force in alt-country music with the Waco Brothers, the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, and on his own solo releases. He has also worked with the likes of the Sadies, Old 97’s, Kelly Hogan, Alejandro Escovedo and long time sparing partner Sally Timmns.

He is also an Artist of growing repute with he work described by his distributor Yard Dog as follows:
“His multi-layered paintings take imagery from old country music publicity photos and sheet music and envelope them in a haze of ironic nostalgia. He describes his painting technique thusly: “Long process of layering, scraping, minute attention to detail. Basically, I create a very unstable surface with acrylics and pastel on top of each other and work on top of that with Sharpies, felt pens, white out, gunk, snot and whatever comes to hand.” Langford produced a book (including bonus CD) in 2006 called “Nashville Radio”, a book of his paintings distributed in Australia by Verse Chorus Press.

Last here in May 2006 Langford returns in 2007 primarily to perform during the Tamworth Music Festival. He is also showing some of his art in Tamworth at his exhibition called “Buried Treasure” (the name is inspired by Clinton Walkers book of the same name about the forgotten history of Aboriginal Country Music). Jon is also appearing in support of Neko Case in Sydney and Melbourne during her tour in late January, early February as Jon Langford & the Bronte Pool Cosmonauts (The band consists of Nev Anderson, Dave Hastings and Roy Payne of Fat Dusty + Jason Walker from the Last Drinks). The Melbourne gig is at the Prince of Wales St Kilda tickets SOLD OUT. He is also performing at a House Party on Saturday 2nd February (Invitation Only).

Langford will also be dropping in to PBS-FM in Melbourne on Monday 5th February during 5 Feet High & Rising (3-5 pm) with Myles to talk about his art, his music & to perform a few songs live in the studio.

Bloodshot Records
Yard Dog
Verse Chorus Press
5 Feet High & Rising

Download from emusic
Jon Langford

The Waco Brothers

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts


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